Medical industry

The most efficient way to create a better tomorrow is generating innovative solutions for medical technology as a patient's well-being depends on making the right decisions.

Disruptive innovation is an ongoing challenge in healthcare. The use of engineering modeling in the development process can make a significant difference in offering patients therapies based on the newest technology, while adhering to safety standards and in-time production.

EngineerOK is your trustworthy partner with broad experience in high-level medtech projects offering creative and robust solutions.

Striving for the future, we at EngineerOK pay special attention to medical devices development as the latest technology in this field is not a luxury but a vital necessity that saves people’s lives.

We developed specialized equipment for neurosurgery and clinical research which uses deep brain stimulation technology and is an important tool for the successful conduct of various manipulations, for the surgical treatment of various diseases of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Preoperative examination of patients based on the use of the latest technologies makes it possible to determine with high precision the method of treatment that will be the most effective and safe for the patient.

Consumer electronics

We are proud and grateful for having an opportunity to help newborn children by developing a device that detects possible hearing issues at early stages with hearing diagnostics.

The modern approach requires examining a child's hearing as early as possible and note if any violations of his reaction to sound are detected. The invaluable information provided by Medical grade tablet helps to prevent hearing loss in future.

Automotive Industry

Automotive Switches

Automotive industry is constantly faced with the challenge of selecting equipment and measuring technology for production, upgrading personnel qualifications etc. EngineerOK specialists will take you on a smooth and cost-effective journey beginning with a concept and leading to functional high-quality products.

To help automakers, we have created a set of proven technological, metrological and organizational solutions for the automotive industry. Let us support you in this transition period of the automotive industry!

Constantly striving for perfection, we know that sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference. EngineerOK team designed automotive switches for world's largest automakers. These are power seat switches, steering wheel switches and accessory switches. Drive safe and comfortable! 

Design, testing and approval of buses

We at Engineerok are happy when our techlogical developments make people's lives more comfortable - and the more lives the better! Our specialists designed and tested BRT bus superstructure. Total of 30 million passengers were using the BRT bus system in the first year.
BRT buses are a means of transportation which is characterized by higher performance characteristics compared to conventional bus routes (speed, reliability, carrying capacity).
Being the first articulated buses in Israel for bus rapid transit lines approved for European standards, these BRT lines were implemented in several big metropolitan areas that helped to make the public transport fast and effective for people.

Military vehicle design

Searching for the wounded on the battlefield, providing them with first aid, collecting and evacuating them to medical facilities is usually accompanied by a great danger to life of both medical personnel and the injured.

EngineerOK developed a military vehicle for crew carriage with armor level BR7. Vehicle unique design makes it possible to evacuate injured soldiers safely from a battlefield. 

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